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Template Designs

Choose from our online pre-design template gallery and create a clean and customizable photo booth templates that's designed to make you and your photos stand out.

Our templates are fully editable and can be easily adjusted to fit your event.

How it works?

Simply click on the template design you like and a screen should pop up requesting you to input the following information:

  • First and Last name - your name, so we know who is submitting the design.

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Date - the event date

  • Design info - This is where you would put your main text you would like to be on the template design and any additional information or changes you need on the design. It would also help to include your backdrop as well so we can keep a record.

Then click submit.

Once we receive your design, we can start working on it and email you a draft to review and approve.

What if I don't like any of the template designs or it does not fit my event?

No worries, we got you cover! We can customize your template. Just email your design idea and send us any specific image or font file.

For image we do request that it be in the following format:

  • jpg

  • ai

  • png

Also include:

  • The main text you would like to be on the template and any additional information.

  • Backdrop selection or if you have your own.

Can I choose the number of photos in the template design?

Yes! However, we do recommend 3 photos for a more interactive experience for your guests.

If you prefer one photo look, it would be an additional charge due to the cost of paper and ink.

Consult with our team to see what options are best for your event.

Ready to start designing? Click below to start picking out our pre-design template.


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