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How it works

We all know what is a photo booth is, but how does it work and what does it look like?

And what does "open air" mean?

So open air means that our booth is not enclosed. The booth is open all around for guests to enjoy and see the excitement of taking their photos.

How does it work?

The open-air booth points towards a backdrop and guests stand between the photo booth and the backdrop.

Guest will be greeted by our full-time attendant who will be present the entire time the photo booth is turned on. The attendant will inform the guests to pick out a number of props before starting their session. Guests will position themselves in front of the photo booth with their props and the booth will give them a countdown of when to expect the pictures to be taken. They'll take anywhere form 1-4 pictures depending on how many pictures your predetermined template design. Each guest in the photo will receive their own print-out within 10 seconds. There is unlimited amount of photo booth sessions, so guests can feel free to come back as much as they'd like.

What does it look like?

We have a few different style of open air booth but all have the same capability of function. As you can see in the photo there's a monitor in which guest can view themselves during their session. The hole you see just above the monitor is our camera. We use DSLR camera, which is synonymous to "professional camera". Basically, DSLRs produces a higher image quality. Then right above our camera sits an external flash with umbrella that helps emit light to the subject to produce a clear well lit image. Imagined a photo booth that has the ability to take Studio quality photo all in a booth. No edit, no filters... Just fun poses to think of.

After your guests completed their session, each guest in the photo will receive their own print-out within 10 seconds.


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