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Tips to enhance photo booth Backdrop appearance

The focus of any special event is to create wonderful memories. The best way to cherish those memories is with photos. These top tips for enhancing your backdrop will help you capture a beautiful area worth making memories in. We only use a portion of the backdrop in our camera setting, therefore by creating your own DIY addition on either side of the frame will complement your theme.

Balloons are a great way of enhancing your backdrop with a refined approach. You can use a DIY Balloon Arch Garland kit or make your own. It’s a perfectly inexpensive way of decorating. There are countless combinations, and it’s easy to inflate. Let your imagination decide for you and have your family and friends involved on the fun.

You can create a statement with a simple decorative plant in vase with something that both adds to the overall aesthetic. It’s not only stunning but also a great complement to the natural surroundings. Floral Wall Monogram with your new initial on display. You can either have your florist put together some lush focal points in front of the backdrop or go faux and get creative in your own way.

Personalize a photo booth backdrop with a custom neon sign. Choose to light up your names, a favored line of poetry, song lyrics, or a catchphrase that speaks to your personalities and your union. Just be mindful if it needs an outlet and how to secure the fragile pieces.

Planning a wedding or a special Occassion?

Your colors are the anchor for your big-day. Coordinating colors ensure a cohesive theme. We have a vast selection of backdrops that are curated to fit any event.

Solid color backdrops are versatile. Not only does it fit your color scheme, but it also makes the photo booth look visually clean and classic. The perfect finishing touch to any theme.

Template design can impact the look of the photo. Our tips for a beautiful photo is to keep it simple and unique.

Ready to select your color?

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