When it comes to #packaging, I love to make it pretty. People don't know it, but packaging is the first impression. I'm sure you've heard of the expression, "first impression is everything." Well, it sure is true!


Opening your package when it arrives in the mail should be a delight! I say give that package a make over! You may not see their face, but you sure can imagine it. Not only does packaging makes it looks pretty, but it shows your client that you took the time to put it together. So why not? Take for example this USB album, I purchased it plain. Yes, it was nice, but it just needed a touch of something. Then I had my ah-ha moment!

Add details!

When creating your package add a touch of detail. Something that gives it that "Oooohhh - Aaaahhh..."

Here, I love crafting with flowers. So what better way than to incorporate it? Yep!

  • Supplies: USB Album, paper flowers, artificial leaves, glue, and hot glue gun.

Customize the look of your packing by making it look unique.


Go even further and pick a beautiful USB. Yes, you can buy any USB, but picking one for your company that says "WOW".

I'm a classy gal, so of course I had to choose a crystal USB. Isn't it purrr-ty?!

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