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Don't want to have the hassle of downloading your photos online? Select our USB option, and we can upload for you. The USB will contain all your photos taken during the event and will be mailed to you post event 7-10 business days.

Metallic Prints

For formal events, we recommend metallic prints. The luster from this printing process will add an upscale feel to your event. The metallic paper has a high-gloss paper with a distinctive pearlescent finish, producing a sharper color definition. This brings out flesh tones to make them more crisp and clear.

Here are example of photo. It's hard to show in photo vs seeing it in person. So if you like to visualize it, please let us know and we can mail you a free sample.

Idle Hours

Idle hour is a perfect way to extend the time while the booth is not active. Idle time is a period where the photo booth is set up, but not actively in operation. The time is offered at a price lower than an active rental hour. You can get the most value out of your photo booth rental, by scheduling your active hours for the time when your guests are able to take full advantage of enjoying the booth.

Say for instance, you have a wedding. Wedding guests will typically enjoy the booth more during cocktail hours and after dinner. So you can have the booth open during cocktail hour and close for 1 hour during dinner. Then after dinner, the booth can reopen the booth for the during of your package time.

So if you are unsure, we recommend reaching out to us. Planning can be confusing at time and we can help with a few recommendations.


Customize your booth even more by adding a GIFs experience for your guest.

GIFs is a series of images combined together to feel animated. So why don't we add it to our package? We want every booth to be unique for everyone.

Black & White filter

Also known as the "glam" filter. It's a beauty filter to smooth the skin that will create a glamorous effect instantly.

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